1968 Mebetoys Novita (New Mebetoys) Magazine Advertisement

This Italian magazine ad appeared in 1968. It shows some Mebetoys models before the Gran Toros appeared

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The Outside Back Cover

This advertisement appeared as a "fold-out" back cover of an Italian magazine. The "Mebetoys Novita" page (with the Lamborghini Miura) is the back cover. The page to the left was folded inside the magazine.


The Inside Pages

These are the "inside" pages when you open the back cover. The left side has a short story entitled "L'oro di Stander" (the Gold of Anthony Stander) and the right side shows an advertisement for "Operazione Gran Regalo" (Operation Big Present) which is an offer for a magazine/comic book subscription.


The Folded Page

This is the folded page rotated to make it easier for you to read. Half the page is for the Mebetoys advertisement and shows the following Mebetoys models:

Alfa Romeo Giulia, Mebetoys Model # A-3
Autobianchi Primula, Mebetoys Model # A-5

Lancia Flavia, Mebetoys Model # A-6

Fiat 1100R, Mebetoys Model # A-9

Maserati Mistral, Mebetoys Model # A-10

Porsche 912, Mebetoys Model # A-12
Opel Cadet Coupe, Mebetoys Model # A-13
Lamborghini Miura Bertone, Mebetoys Model # A-20