The 25 Gran Toros Models

This page is an index to the 25 Hot Wheels Gran Toros models. The Gran Toros were the 1/43 scale Mattel Hot Wheels Super Racers made by Mattel S.p.A., the former Mebetoys Italian diecast company, between 1970 and 1973. Gran Toros were marketed as the Sputafuoco series in Italy and series Heisse Räder Supergross series in Germany under the Ruote Brucia Pista (Hot Wheels) name. Many of the early Gran Toros models were originally part of the Mebetoys series models and converted for the GranToros line. Clicking on each photo takes you to the specific Gran Toros model page.

Photos on this Page

The photos on this particular page were taken by Frank Veres and appear in the 5th editon of Bob Parker's "Complete Book of Hot Wheels" (Schiffer Publishing). Bob and Frank came to my house and took these pictures of the Gran Toros models in my collection. In addition, Bob and Frank photographed many of my Hot Wheels Redlines and included them in the book as well. Except for this page I took all the photographs on the Gran Toros site.

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Additional GranToros / Sputafuoco Information

The Gran Toros models have wheel and hub variations. Click the following button to go to the wheel variations page that has photos and descriptions of all the Gran Toros wheels and hubs: Click to go to the Wheel Variation Page

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