1971 Italian Mebetoys Catalog

This catalog contains only one Hot Wheels Gran Toros, the Abarth 695ss, Model #6608. Note that all the Mebetoys models have alfa-numeric model numbers (for example, A/36).

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The front cover.

The back cover.

The inside front cover showing a closeup
of the Chevrolet Corvette Rodine.

The New Mebetoys.

Serie '800' introduction page.

The Fiat 124 S Taxi, Mebetoys Model
# A-43 and the Bertone Runabout, Mebetoys Model # A-44.

A close-up of the Alfa Romeo Duetto Spyder.

The Serie '1000' introduction page. This is a closeup of the only Gran Toros in the catalog, the Abarth 695ss.

The Porsche 912 Rallye Mebetoys Model # A-33 and the Opel Kadett Rallye Mebetoys Model # A-34.

The Alfa Iguana Mebetoys Model # A-45 and the Gran Toros Abarth 695 ss, Model # 6608. Note that this is the only numeric model number in the catalog. This number format (6608) is consistent with the Gran Toros numbering syetem.

The inventory page.

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The inside back cover.